Chairman's Message

Dear Parents,

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

Sydney J. Harris

1. I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of extremely vibrant, dynamic and exuberant school.

2. With a great sense of ebullience, I laud the incessant endeavour of fraternity of APS, Bly to lead metamorphosis of students into ideal citizens of the future. The flair and panache of the learners is depicted in their holistic personality development through congenial teaching – learning environment.

3. I extol the parents and students to amalgam with us to communicate their social, ethical, emotional and neural abilities in the form of constructive feedback. In this temple of learning, learners are encouraged to be physically fit and mentally agile.

4. I assure that the school would try its best to address student’s needs, integrate technology, promote safe living habits and encourage parents’ participation, as well as incorporate global dimensions in the existing framework of the school curriculum to inculcate life skills beyond the classroom.

Jai Hind.

Brig S Bahugana
Chairman Message