The Department of Biotechnology was established at APS Bareilly in 2010  under the able guidance and dynamic leadership of Mr S.K. Saxena, Principal APS Bareilly. The vision was to provide an opportunity to school students to build their carrier in exponentially growing field of  biotechnology. The objective of the Biotechnology Department is  to provide excellent teaching, practical facilities and consultancy services in the frontier areas of Biotechnology.

Infrastructure: The department has excellent infrastructure and equipments such as  Laminar air flow, Incubator, High-Speed Centrifuge, Water bath, Gel electrophoresis system, UV-illuminator, Double distillation unit, Refrigerator, Digital pH meter, Sensitive electronic balance, Magnetic stirrer, Autoclave, Vortex mixer, Variable volume micropipettes, Plant tissue culture facility, LCD projection systems, High qualtiy microscope etc.

Internet facility: The department also have local computers connected through LAN with internet facility to explore Bioinformatics and other subjective matters. In bioinformatics section students explore internet for data mining, Bioinformatics tools etc.

Department Library : The Biotechnology department is having a separate department library and it consists of more then 160 e-books/Text books. The department library is a depository of a valuable collection of many sought after national and international books on life sciences. The collection contains a substantial number of internationally acclaimed books on Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Computers etc. For in house use department has internet connected computers to cater the requirements of biotechnology students. The department library has most of the books in electronic formats (PDF/CHM) therefore such e-books and other electronic resources are made available in the local departmental computers for easy access to the students. Alumni of biotechnology department may also download required e-book by sending a request on department e-mail id.

  • Books on Biotechnology/ Molecular Biology
  • Books on Bioinformatics
  • Books on Computer languages/applications:
  • General Books

    Students The department has well disciplined committed and dedicated students with great potency to learn and serve humanity with compassion. They are skilled to organize various scientific, spiritual and social events. They represent our Department to other Institutes in scientific sessions and bring lorals to the School. Our students are very active in departmental activities, academics, sport activities etc.

    Dr.Sudesh Kumar Kanoujia

     Head of Department