1. Career in Biotechnology

There is no doubt that there are several changes in the thinking of students nowadays. Before 10 years ago mostly students just choose the subject, which are suggested by their parents or follow the route of their sister and brother, but now they take their decision by their own way. Now they think what they required, which field is best and where that fit. There are various career options available in front of students but Biotechnology is cutting edge science showing significant growth year by year.

If you are looking for the applications of this branch of science are vast and simply mind-boggling. On one hand, it caters to the industrial sector such as food and beverages industry, textiles industry, biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals while on the other hand this branch of science caters to the requirements of agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental conservation. The list is a long and an envious one.
it is an interdisciplinary branch of science that is rapidly gaining significance and opportunities for youngsters who want to explore the new frontiers of science are immense. The name of the discipline is Biotechnology. 

Students are showing tremendous interest in biotechnology. The primary reason behind this interest emerges from the fact that the technical and procedural application of biotechnology touches a vast array of disciplines. This in turn opens a lot many job portals for students who are seeking a stable career in their life. Biotechnology, along with its many sub-fields, finds use in so many applications that many new fields have and are being derived from within it.

2. Start Early

In opting for a specialized profession such as Biotechnology, you must plan your career right from your school days. In this context, the combination of subjects of study at the 10+2 level must primarily include Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology with Biology/Mathematics.

  • Biotechnology + Biology is generally preferred by 10+2 students due to common taste, similar basics as well as biotech syllabus get their many topics prepared for Biology in class XII.
  • Students having interest in engineering side prefer to take Biotechnology with Mathematics.
  • Once you have finished schooling you can opt for a suitable undergraduate program (BSc, BE, BTech) in Biotechnology from various academic institutions spread across the country. However, for many undergraduate engineering courses in biotechnology you need to sit for common engineering entrance exams such as:
  • The Joint Entrance Examination for IITs (IITJEE): for admission to various IITs
  • All-India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE): for admission to various National Institutes of Technology or regional engineering colleges 

    As it is a blend of numerous disciplines, you have to do a specialization any one of the field out of numerous one. Some of the common areas include Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Biochemistry, Agriculture biotechnology, Biophysics, Genetics, Medicine, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Tissue Culture etc.  Here, it is important to point out that a majority of students complete their higher studies from foreign universities.

    International Focus: At the international level, India has started making its presence felt in the domain of biotechnology. However, there is tremendous scope for graduate and post-graduate students from this field especially in the United States and in European countries.
    A large number of post-graduate students and research scholars tend to move out of India to complete their higher studies. Furthermore, these students generally get employment in the country where they complete their studies or research projects.

    3. Pay Packet

    A common question arise in mind of every aspirant of this field that how much I will get? Is it comparable to other fields? Yes off course the pay is almost equal to other top professionals. Like any other job profile. The pay packet largely depends on your academic qualification, your area of specialization and the institution from where you have earned your degree. It has been observed that candidates with a Masters degree in Biotechnology get a better starting salary as compared with students who just have a graduate degree in this field. With an increase in the level of experience, there is abundant scope for getting fatter pay cheques in this exciting and inspiring profession.

    4. Demand and Supply

    India primarily being an agrarian economy requires professionals who can improve agrarian practices and optimize agricultural output. The growing population of the country requires improved life sciences related products and medicines. This in turn fuels the demand for an increased research and development of vaccines, medicines, tissue culture methods and so on. No government or institution deny fund to a cancer institute to stop there research toward a cancer cure but in turn they will stop production or dismiss 1000 worker from a car company during economic crisis/recession. Even you agree with this compromise is in it. There are many disciplines in this field ranging from Biological Scientists, Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Laboratory Technologists, Forensic Scientists, Medical Scientists, Pharmacists and more. And there lot opportunities all over the world and every country spend lot of their annual budget for and creating institutes research centers across their country.
    One major problem faced on the demand side is that a vast majority of students who are engaged in cutting edge research often tend to leave India to complete their research projects. Moreover, once these students complete their research work they tend to stay and work abroad.

    5. Top Companies

  • Dr. Reddy’s Labs
  • Serum Institute of India
  • Panacea Biotech
  • Mahyco Monsanto Biotech
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Amgen
  • Biogen
  • Merck
  • Genetech
  • Aventis
  • Indian Immunologicals

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