Biotechnology is a frontier area offering a new technological base to understand living beings at the molecular level, unravel the genetic codes that govern biological processes and thereby be able to manipulate those for the betterment of humankind. To prepare students to face the challenges ahead in view of the emerging needs for new knowledge and skills generated from innovation and experience. The department strive to make sure that students are recognized at the national and international levels and their knowledge will enhance biotechnology worldwide. Inspired by the mission of the school, the program activities of the Department of Biotechnology are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide educational opportunities to students for preparing them to pursue adequate theoretical and practical knowledge for the development of their career in bio-industries.
  • Enhance professional practices for bio-industries through visits to well known institutes/industries as well as interactions.
  • Arrange guest lectures of renowned scientist to help students learn about present or future prospects in biotechnology.
  • To cater professional skills and enhance subject knowledge students deliver seminars on various topics.
  • Enhance innovative activities in biotechnology and promote scientific temperament by participating in science exhibition.
  • Strengthen need based programs in senior secondary education.
  • Biotechnology students of APS Bareilly will be equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to pursue higher studies and excel into job markets in India and overseas.