Principal's Message


A retrospection of the achievements in the past years has given us immense pleasure as we could achieve some of our set goals. The journey towards excellence has started and not far is the horizon where diligence will meet success.
Today we are in a period of transition where old values are changing. The global influence is predominating due to the explosion of Information technology. The young minds of our students are very impressionable and they are often unable to discern what is desirable to become independent, responsible and useful for the society, nation and this world.
The teachers, parents and school administrators will have to guide our children to the paths of glory where our motto “Truth is God” motivates us to work and progress in an amicable environment.
Achievement, creative abilities and aspiration of the student and school are presented through the annual school magazine.
I wish to felicitate all the students and members of the staff a great success in all their endeavors.

Todays Message